Andrew Mowery AKA "Osakaflackaflame"

Andrew Mowery AKA "Osakaflackaflame"

In 2023 Andrew contacted us about getting his car out of a shop that had held his car for over 2 years without progress, and much money spent. We couldn't have been happier helping out a fellow car enthusiast to get his R32 Skyline GTR running and back in his hands! After short few weeks we received his car and made quick work on getting finished up and tuned. Unfortunately it quickly became apparent that the previous shop who put the engine together made crucial error in the cylinder head and developed nasty tick. We notified Andrew about this and told him the reality for the situation. Due to the other shop errors it set him back, and he decided to take the car home while he save up so he can have us build him a synspec engine. On the way home this engine failed via a drooped valve... his dreams were crushed.. Myself and the team here at syngarage just couldn't let him just take this journey alone.

Last Black Friday we made the announcement to support Andrew through these hard time by offering him $8500 of Value to put towards his R32 GTR! 

Today we pulled his engine and now will receive the Syngarage Track car heart as a transplant. Stay tuned for the build process and most of all his reaction!

-Syngarage & Team 

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